The downloads presented here are at present mainly devoted to the Battle of the Atlantic, the air battles over the Bay of Biscay and Coastal Command’s anti-shipping campaign.

However we are now hosting some of Bravo/4’s MAW (Mediterranean Air War) aircraft which were to have made it into the Chapter 2 release, but then the development team dissolved and it never saw the light of day. Now John has decided to release those aircraft here.

My thanks to:
Nachpiloten for letting me host his aircraft.
Bravo/4 and Ronnybengt for their stand-alone aircraft, skins, and mission collaboration.
Led Zeppelin and Househobbit for hosting their missions here.

There is also a section with an array of documents found that I thought others may find interesting.

For CFS3 ETO Expansion there are spare ETO zapper and backup exe files as it appears that a number of Anti-Virus software delete them as hostile files

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